Friday, December 25, 2009

Stormtrooper telenovela (pics taken from the net)

After the Death Star was destroyed, hundreds of Imperial Stormtroopers, scattered across the galaxy, had nowhere to go. A platoon was stranded on Earth. With no means of communications, they tried their best to blend in. But it wasn't easy as they had to battle depression, a different language(s), culture, and the fact that they couldn't carry their rifles around. So what's a Stormtrooper to do?
Some couldn't handle it and turned to alcohol or watching Korean telenovelas. If that proved even more depressing, they committed suicide. Talk about being stranded.

The tough thing about being a Stormtrooper on Earth is that people think you're a weirdo for a minute then decide to not mind you at all. "Just another bum," they mutter. So no one wants to sit beside them in the subway.
Some got into trouble and the local law officers weren't amused. Who knows what technology there is inside their armor?
But after a couple of months, a sense of normalcy returned to them as they found the enjoys of malling and buying groceries. It sure comes in handy to have some valuable minerals from out space that they traded in for cash, cable television, and PS3!

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