Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tuesday tumbler (my jagged thoughts for the day)

Spent the last couple of days listening to a bunch of my fave music: The Pains of Being Pure At Heart, Passion Pit, Tamar Kaprelian, the Antlers, the Bravery, and one old familiar in Darryl Hall in his Live from David's House music on youtube. Angry at my boss for his low EQ and for being an ass. Am getting my new Macbook Pro. Excited about that. Wish I could buy a new tennis shoe. Have to budget my time between four major projects. Well, that means compartmentalizing things. There are some DVDS I want to get: Star Trek, Wolverine, and GI Joe. Yes, I can finally get my Lyon jersey. Wahoo! There is hope! If things go right, I'll be off to the World Cup in South Africa this 2010. Whoo. That will be a fulfillment of a dream. And there's a possibility of Switzerland as well. I just discovered the Discovery Channel magazine and I love it. Am planning on doing a series of talks on climate change for the new year. And two cool projects. Need to buy some nice leather shoes. Gotta finish that documentary. My fave coffee is Pokka Cappuccino. Will have my drink of it later. Upset that Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles was cancelled. Damn. That's two that I really like: Sarah Connor and Josh Whedon's Firefly. Speaking of DVDs, I'd like to get the Band of Brothers collected set. Do I feel it's Christmas? Kind of. First time I felt it in years. Wonder what that means? Can't wait for the third issue of Rebound to come out. Ditto with the 2010 Ateneo Sports Calendars. I have to check and plan all of the things I will be involved with next year. It's going to be crazy.

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