Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hokki smokes! Japanese pizza.

I tried out Hokki Rice Pizza today at Robinson's Galleria. It's near the sports shops on the third level (close to where Kenny Rogers is located). It's like the pizza toppings are all on top of rice then cooked in an oven. They've got several flavors -- tuna, meaty, veggie, Hawaiian, and chicken. Prices vary from 95 to 89 bucks. The ice tea is pretty good too. They put this herb type of thing inside that adds a lot of flavor. Not a bad discovery if you ask me. Nice packaging as well! I also bought a can of Wheatgrass tea in the stall next to Hokki Rice Pizza. I only found out right then that it's owned by my next door neighbor. I purchased a can Php1,200 not because of my neighbor but I am really trying to be more health conscious. Will take a pic and post it as well.

I ordered the meaty and tuna pizzas. One to eat right there and one to take home.

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