Monday, September 6, 2010

Wheatgrass tea and me

I discovered this the other day just by happenstance. I was buying pizza when a neighbor of mine tapped me on my shoulder. Turns out that she had a stall in Galleria where she sells Wheatgrass tea. It was her family that got the franchise for this and I can only imagine what they are paying given the advertising for it on television (not to mention their celebrity endorser).

But I have never been into celebrity endorsers. Nevertheless, before she arrived, I was looking at the products somewhat perplexed. I've been getting into healthier foods and drink recently and I wondered about it. Her arrival was fortuitous because I got to sample the tea. 

I thought it was great and costs much less than the Reliv stuff I've been getting so I bought a can of it. And I'll be making regular purchases of it from now on.

Go try it out. 

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