Sunday, May 15, 2011

Jaro Cathedral, Iloilo 5/15

I went to Mass this morning at the Jaro Cathedral. How ancient can you get? The Cathedral (a church a long long time ago) was consecrated in 1874! It's known as the Shrine of Our Lady of Candles as well as the Parish of St. Elizabeth of Hungary. As a history buff, I have always championed the preservation of historical sites and remembering our Spanish heritage. I think it's a shame that many Filipinos have gone abroad first before seeing our country. I am proud of our heritage. 

Anyways, after being interviewed in a radio talk show this morning, I went to Mass at the Cathedral and was fortunate to catch the English Mass. In fact, I plan on making a pilgrimage to all the Spanish era churches in Iloilo. Maybe when I come back for PFF Suzuki U23 Cup Finals next week.

Bibingka! Not really a fan of it but I just had to try it. Cost 20 bucks but it's not bad. I bought a few more for the guards at the hotel.

Posing in front of the bell tower which is across the street. See the pic below that was taken from the second floor of the Cathedral. 

Never been to the Vatican. Soon I will.

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