Monday, May 16, 2011

Brunch @ Daily Buns

Brunch today was at Daily Buns just across the hotel. Kinda reminds me of Heaven & Eggs in Manila. They serve breakfast, pasta, pizza, and quite a few others. They have free wifi to sweeten the deal. The prices aren't so bad. 

I had a Mexican omelette, bacon, eggs, rice, and a cup of coffee. The omelette was a little disappointing. It being a Mexican -- I expected a little more veggies and spice. Instead, I got more cheese. So Queso omelette it is. A bacon and eggs is well... how different can it get? The brewed coffee was pretty good though.

The homey feeling of Daily Buns is not bad at all. Maybe it's the location (along General Luna near San Agustin) but they can certainly add a little more to the ambiance because the front part of the restaurant could use a newspaper and magazine rack, a few more paintings or decor, and maybe a little pipe in music to complete the atmosphere. 

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