Saturday, July 23, 2011

At the Movenpick Hotel in Kuwait City

Staying at the Movenpick Hotel in Bida'a, Salmiya District of Kuwait City. It's a five-star Swiss hotel (and there are two of the sort here in Kuwait). It's a gorgeous hotel with fantastic service. That's me posing outside and just below the sign. There's wifi everywhere in the hotel, dudes.

The back of the hotel that faces the beachfront of the Arabian Sea. I really wonder how people can hang outside in the heat. But I guess it works for some.

Me by the beach and walking about at 6am during my third day at the hotel. Love the sunrise!

There's an area for beach volleyball just outside the dining area. Somehow seeing the chair with "Lifeguard" stenciled on it reminds me of Baywatch. Was waiting for Pamela Sue Anderson to come running from the water in a bright red swimsuit. What I got were a bunch of them -- of the local kind but no less vivacious!

Thought that shooting pics this early in the day will give me some unusual light colors to play around with. I was just using a digital camera and the result wasn't so bad.

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