Sunday, July 24, 2011

Going around Kuwait City

At least from what I know, whenever the men's football national team travels to another country, they usually visit the Philippine Embassy for a courtesy call. So it was not different in Kuwait. It also gave us a chance to see how our officials help our countrymen abroad and the programs they have in place. It was also great meeting other people. The gulf coast country by the way is really beautiful and fully modern (in spite of the darn heat). 

Aside from embassies, another staple of country life is checking out the local mall/s. In this case we went to The Avenues Mall and the Marina Mall in Kuwait City. This is the former and check out how spacious it is. They seem to have everything save for two stores -- a big and stocked book specialty store and a music/DVD shoppe. Those are the two shops I always look for when I go abroad. The funny thing is at Kuwait International Airport, they have a shop there that still sells cassette tapes! For real.

These Kuwaitis were asking me about Philippine football and they predicted a blowout. Of course I disagreed (little did I know...).

The Shake Shack. You can see how this is real popular along with ice cream retailers because of the heat. But Kuwait is so Western in appearance. Wanted to buy a shake but the lines were really long in the two shacks I went to.

Look who's endorsing KFC? And what does that slim can of soda say (if ya know).

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