Wednesday, May 31, 2017

OPM prog rockers Fuseboxx lead singer search hints at new direction

OPM prog rockers Fuseboxx lead singer search hints at new direction
by rick olivares

Filipino progressive rock band, Fuseboxx, true to its preferred musical genre, is going to undergo a metamorphosis.

For the first time in their 16-plus year history, the band will have a new lead singer. Fuseboxx announced the search for a new female lead singer on their Facebook page last May 17. Abby Clutario, the band’s classically-trained and Chapman Stick-playing multi-instrumentalist, isn’t leaving. Far from it. She’ll still be around and concentrate on her performance while allowing someone else to sing.

“At first, we were thinking of adding another guitarist,” related keyboardist Eric Tubon. “After sitting down with Abby, since we’re the last two original members, and this is the nth generation of the band (with some six people having come and go through the years), maybe it’s time to find a new front woman.”

Tubon reiterated that the style could change – “prog fusion pa rin, he is quick to add, the band is excited as the style would evolve depending on the vocal technique of the new singer. “We are excited because we have no idea who we are taking in as a vocalist.”

“It’s probably a new sound,” added Clutario. “It depends on the new line-up.” From Fuseboxx’s sophomore outing, “Animated”, only guitarist Mico Ong remains. Seventeen-year old prodigy Zach Alcasid has replaced Lester Banzuelo on drums.

“After ‘Animated’, we’ve had some new songs. We just have to dig all those up,” added Clutario. “And we're excited to see how our new vocalist will contribute in the songwriting process as well.”

The two clarified that there isn’t a third album on the horizon… yet despite the six year-interval between the self-titled debut in 2005 and “Animated” that came out in 2011. “We’re looking to come out with a single first,” said Clutario. “The single will most likely be available on all platforms, mostly digital. If we get signed up by a label, maybe a CD or vinyl offering will also be available.”

The response to the search for a new lead singer has caught the band by surprise. “We were really surprised at the interest and response we have gotten on social media,” admitted Tubon. “And we aren’t really that active as a band. It is good to know there’s interest and a lot of people are looking for the first album. It would be nice to re-record it.”

Despite progressive rock being a niche genre and market, the members of Fuseboxx have long come to grips with the lack of mainstream appeal. At least locally. “It’s not exactly frustrating,” pointed out Clutario.  “We've accepted that fact long ago that our genre and the band will always be on the side stream.”

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