Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hoo! Hooters! Do you give a hoot?

The last time I was at a Hooters it was in New Jersey. In Atlantic City to be precise (and there was one in Mercer County as well). Yeah I know what you’re thinking. Beer, girls, and gambling. Truthfully, I was there because a friend arranged a date with this Puerto Rican who looked a bit like Salma Hayek. Really! Except that she was taller.

That was kind of a tough situation because she’s the type of girl who will hold you by the balls and own you. I was looking for a date not a dominatrix! Bwahahaha. So obviously she’s not the sort to work at Hooters and wear them tight shirts!

Anyways, enough about Salma Hayek look-alikes. Hooters is now here in the Philippines at San Miguel by the Bay at the Mall of Asia. It has always been one of Mai’s favorite restaurants (hahaha, she loves it for the chicken wings or so she says) so it was a matter of time before we went. Look at that sweet moment between her and her first drumette.

So we had 10-pieces of chicken wings, fries, celery and blue cheese, and Pepsi Max. And Mai has to have her rice. The chicken wings were as I remember they tasted -- great! The fries were on the bland side and the celery sticks were well, sticks. The caramel cheesecake (with the chocolate-y crust) was one of the best we tasted in a while. Kinda fattening so we really have to go back into active sports. Man, I really put on weight with all that eating.

I've always loved the playful signage at Hooters. Check out the signs at their bathroom for women and men (as well as ex-men).

It has been said that Hooters has this college frat image (American not the Philippine kind where all they do is pick fights in the name of brotherhood. Dweebs!). Maybe so but how about them Hooter girls!

But you gotta be careful because there’s an imitation Hooters along Macapagal Avenue. They even have the signage and girls in similar tight shirts and Bermuda shorts. You’ll know it’s fake when you see the menu that has Hooters Sisig, Hooters Bulalo and Hooters Laing. Nah, we didn’t go. But many others have gone and paid the price (literally) for this confusion. Bwahahaha. You’ve been warned.

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