Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sunday morning at UP

Back in my grade school days, there were a couple of clubs I wanted to join -- Hobbycraft and the Photography Club. I didn't because they were rather expensive to join. I always wanted to build scale models of fighter airplanes and tanks but well... I didn't have any of them.

My love for photography never waned. I've always admired work from friends like Aaron Vicencio, Philip Sison, Joseph Nocos, Nono Felipe, Jo Avila, and a pair of dudes who I've had the privilege of doing an exhibit with Bien Bautista and Ryan Agoncillo.

To date, the work I did for the San Miguel Remember the Titans photo exhibit is perhaps my great achievement in terms of photography. I wish I had the equipment to really get into photography full time, so I make do with my simple digital camera.

But nevertheless, I try to take shots whenever I can. Mai also has a great eye for shots and it's something we both love. We hope you like the shots we post here in the11-25pages.

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