Saturday, May 3, 2008

You've been slammed!

Slammer Burgers are bite-sized or mini-burgers. I first discovered them while working in the Upper East Side in Manhattan and at White Castle in New Jersey.

My friends would hold a contest every time out to see who could eat the most number of these small burgers. I used to eat a lot but, dude, it's real filing so I'm full to bursting after one of these. Go look them up, hommes!

Well, here a variant here -- Slammer Burgers located in Robinson's Galleria next to the Old Mania restaurant and Filbar's. That's two bite-sized cheeseburgers for 60 bucks and small fries for another 60. You can choose from an array of dips. The burger patties use 100% beef so there are no aftertastes.

It's not that great but it's not bad. The fries are good though.

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