Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bugis Sunday Street Market

On weekends, the side streets of Rochor Canal Road are turned into a street fair where you can find bargain buys, food, live bands, and free movie viewing. You just have to be careful when you move around. And yes, you can haggle. Regarding pirated DVDs, you'll find some here. Not the best ones though. Click on the photo below.

Look around first before buying. Even using internet shops you gotta choose. There are some that charge $3 (Singapore) for an hour while there are those that charge $2.

What I love about Singapore as opposed to Indonesia, Thailand, or Hong Kong is that people speak very good English here so it makes for getting around pretty easy.

A good six-minute walk from here is Bugis junction where you'll find the mall and other street fairs. There's also the Muslim quarter where you'll also find some cool stores for clothes, cloth, coffee, and other curios.

The picture below with the old-style gramophone is for real. It plays vinyl stuff. They guy was selling it at $200. Of course you can ask for a lower price. Now how long that will keep chugging I have no idea. I love those old vinyl LPs but CDs are just for me.

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