Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The resurgence of British Sea Power

While in the US, my life was all about making money and music. Music from watching bands to buying CDs and even jamming with a band with my friends. My mom thought I was crazy that I wanted to do a Dave Matthews which was to hop into a van and just play music. It was really what I wanted to domore than anything else.

In my zest for music where I'd watch obscure and unknown bands, I discovered this British band that went on tour of America. I must admit that their name intrigued me even before I even heard their music but when I did so (their debut album THE DECLINE OF BRITISH SEA POWER), they instantly became one of my favorites. In fact, as of this moment, if you were to ask my my fave Brit bands, I'd say Oasis, the Verve, the now-defunct New Order, and British Sea Power.

I was lucky to catch them in one of their first shows overseas and to this day, it remains an indelible memory.

I find it funny that so called critics liken them to Joy Division (duh) and the Pixies (double duh). Sorry mate, but you have to get your ear out of the toilet because they sound nothing like them. If ever, you should listen to them Brit bands The Chameleons and those anthemic bands The Alarm, Big Country, Cactus World News, and even Boy-to-War-era U2.

I then picked up their second album OPEN SEASON which is even better than their debut. While sounding somewhat more radio friendly, it does the debut album better with real catchy hooks and spirited guitars. "Shipwrecked Echo and the Bunnymen" indeed!
Their third outing, DO YOU LIKE ROCK MUSIC? is real good too. I just picked it up the other day and I've been playing it non-stop.

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