Friday, July 24, 2009

Rick's packing his gear

Off to Singapore to watch Liverpool play an exhibition match.

What to pack? Want to bring my laptop. Kinda feel naked without it. But its heavy so it stays. Boo! Hahahaha.

So aside from some clothes, here's what I'm bringing with me:
3 Liverpool jerseys - two red (from the last two seasons) and the black away kit
Ipod Touch
Swiss Army Knife
Notebook & pen

And so you know my brands in my kikay kit (bwahahaha)
Close Up Crystal Frost (Incredibly, in the US I only used Colgate. Go figure.)
Astringosol Mouthwash
Irish Spring soap
Gillette Cool Wave deodorant
Head and Shoulders shampoo
Johnson's Alcohol & Cleene cotton

Underwear by Giordano (hahaha)
1 pair of jeans (Calvin Klein) and three shorts (adidas)
2 extra shirts

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