Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Dumaguete First-Timer Part 2

We had brunch at Sans Rival, the local cake shop that was first put up by the mother of the current Dumaguete City mayor. She passed away some seven years ago, but her children continue to operate the shop (there's also one in the Robinson's Dumaguete Mall). Our first meeting here in Dumaguete was at the Robinson's branch of Sans Rival and on Day 2, here we are having brunch once more only in the main shoppe. By the time we left around 1030am, the place was packed with people. I wonder what lunch is like here.

The choices for me were narrowed down to two -- a simple salad or three pieces of sylvannas (my favorite). The extreme sugar rush won out. The sylvannas aren't bad. Not as rich as what they sell in Red Ribbon so I prefer this more. When I was younger, my aunt would buy us a box of sylvannas in Dau before they'd head over to Manila. As I recall it, it once cost Php25 that was an expensive price back then. Now a single piece at Red Ribbon is about 20 bucks! 

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