Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Dumaguete First-timer Part 1

When I was asked to be the media officer for the PFF Suzuki U-23 National Cup, I was excited. For one, it's good to be in that capacity where you have great access to teams and athletes that makes it easier  to write about the sport. That means, I don't have worry about other media people not living up to their promises about sending me material when I couldn't go. If that's a dig against the others then so be it. That's their problem. The second reason why I was excited about it was the opportunity to travel. It's only in recent years that I began to see the Philippines at great length. And considering that I have never been to Dumaguete that was all the more enticing. The only thing I knew about the city in Negros Oriental was Silliman University, the University Games being held there, and the belfry. I have always talked and written about my love for history. I just love reading about it and seeing all those historical sites and landmarks. And there's also something about going to old churches. Dumaguete has that in St. Catherine's Church. Before I leave for Manila, I will attend Mass here for sure.

This is a trike that we sometimes take to around the city. I kinda like it since it's spacious and it no problem squeezing my big old self inside. Just don't let the drivers fool you. They can spot a tourist a mile away and jack up the fare.  So it's always safe to ask people you know for the proper fare and directions. I made a mistake and got charged P48 bucks from Robinson's to Maria Luisa Inn. According to some locals, we got robbed.

The reason for my trip here is football and next to Iloilo, this sure is a great place for it. This photo was taken at the Mariano Perdices Field at the Negros Sports Complex. Everyday, some 400-500 kids gather here to play the beautiful game. According to Negros Oriental Football Association President Dick Emperado, there is no shortage of players here. The glaring need is for coaches. At least that's a good problem, right?

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