Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sunrise in Dumaguete

I once saw a feature on Dumaguete on Living Asia and I remember telling myself, "Cool! I gotta go there sometime." I remember watching the joggers along the promenade and the awesome sunrise and sunset and I resolved to experience it for myself. When I did arrive, some of the locals were telling me how couples would propose and breakup along the boulevard. And if I wanted to take pictures, I had to go there during sunrise and sunset. I did go there quite a few times. I spoke to an American who made Dumaguete his home and to a girl who sat there painting. Those are stories that I will tell another day. So I did stare out to the sea and snapped some pics myself. Here they are.

An acquaintance of mine once moved to Boracay to live and work there. He grew his hair long and sort of lived a Bohemian life. And one time, I visited him there. While talking outside the restaurant where he worked, I asked him what made him decide to stay there. He paused for a brief moment and said, "It's stress free, man. If I need a break, I just step outside and look at the girls and the sea. You've got the sunrise and the sunset... I say these are the perks."

Dumaguete obviously isn't Boracay but they have so many things in common. And these pics and what they represent are just one of the perks.

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