Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Eat outs during my stay in Dumaguete.

When I first mentioned that I was headed for Dumaguete, you won't believe the number of emails and tweets I got about suggestions on where to go and eat. Cool isn't it? Since I was here for work not sightseeing it was a little harder to really go out. I did try my best and eschewed the darned fastfood joints (I'd barf and die if I ate in them again). I ate at Sans Rival, Atong Kamalig, Don Atilano, Ka Waway, Gabby's Bistro, and Hayahay. Not much but it's a good thing there are other places to look forward to in my next trip!

At Ka Waway with the PFF Suzuki U23 National Cup guys after a long day. I smelled of the sun and after eating here, smelled of smoke! Taking a shower and a scrub was never so good and welcome.

At Gabby's Bistro with Ina and Johnna. Gabby's is like Chili's or Friday's. We had some pasta and ice cream. Yes, I know the Bistro part sounds weird. In the pic below, I'm at Sans Rival. I love their sylvannas. It's just right -- not too creamy and not too rich!

The picture below was taken at Don Atilano. Am with Coach Diding Cabalida, Roroy PiƱero, and Red Avelino (with some dude I don't know). I preferred the crepes to over the main meals. I thought we'd be having steaks and all but nooooooooo!!!

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