Thursday, March 31, 2011

At HMV in Singapore

My favorite shoppe

With Virgin Records and Tower Records gone, what else is left for traditionalists (if you can call someone who buys CDs over vinyl discs that) like me? There’s still HMV and Borders to a way lesser extent. In Hong Kong, you have Hong Kong Records but their selection is kind of wanting. So thank God for HMV. Long may she live.

In Singapore, they have two branches – at the fourth floor of 313 Somerset (take the North-South Line or the Red Line and get off at Somerset station) and Raffles Link (get off at the Esplanade station and walk a bit).

Between the two the one at Somerset offers more variety. Take my word for that. Excellent selections on music and movies. They have several racks for CDs from Pop-Rock to Dance to Classical to Jazz to Hip Hop/R&B. Now if you want to purchase magazines, it’s best to compare prices at HMV, Kinokuniya, Borders, Harris or other stands. The difference can be a dollar or two. It really depends where you are. But for an audiophile like me, this is nirvana. I check out the new releases and new artists always going to the listening stations to sample their music. I've found out many new bands this way.

My Singapore soundtrack:
Baroness – The Red Album
The Naked & Famous – Passive Me, Aggressive You
The Boxer Rebellion – The Cold Still
VersaEmerge – Fixed at Zero
Beady Eye – Different Gear, Still Speeding

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