Sunday, March 6, 2011

Is it work or a vacation? At Liloan, Cebu for the first Xterra Philippines

Arrived in Cebu for the first full Xterra Philippines. Xterra is an off-road version of the triathlon. When I first covered last year's Ironman 70.3 triathlon in Camsur, I became hooked with the sport. I've been contemplating taking up biking again and hopefully by this summer I can begin again. Took Cebu Pacific inbound and thankfully I was the only one in my row so I stretched my legs across the seats. Wore the Grindavik jersey of the Azkals' Ray Jonsson. It's his club in Iceland. Worked well inside the plane and inside our cold resort room. 

Am staying at the Crimson Resport & Spa in Mactan, Cebu. It's a lovely place to stay not just because of the facilities but also because of the atmosphere which is very homey and comfortable. You're pampered here. But wait 'til you see the prices. The scenery is gorgeous. I guess this is nice living.

That's the old Spanish lighthouse in Liloan that was built way back in 1857. I really wanted to go up and take pictures around. Wish I had the equipment and the flexibility. Covering the event, I was doing a lot of note taking (and writing) as well as some photography. Such a beautiful place to shoot. Oh, by the way, the lighthouse is still in use.

Having my pic taken by the Amara pier docks. Windy day and the breeze helped beat the stifling heat. 

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