Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Merlion Hotel where you can check out anytime you want.

March 29, 2011. Forgive me for that rather cheesy stab at the classic song by the Eagles. Anyways, I am back in one of my favorite places -- Singapore. It's the Singapore Biennale -- an art fest and I heard what the Merlion Park has undergone a transformation! For the period of March 13-May 15, the icon of the Lion City is turned into a hotel where people may get a close up look at the famous statue. So there I am crossing from the Esplanade. No new shows I'm going to be watching yet (that's reserved for Eyes Set to Kill in Jakarta this June or July).

Ah, there's me poking fun with the miniature Merlion right in front of the hotel. Hmm. Begging for dole outs from the looks of it. Anyways, every 15 minutes, 20 people are let inside for a unique viewing experience. It seems quicker than waiting for the riverboat cruise that seems to be poorly managed nowadays.

The idea for transforming Merlion Park into the Merlion Hotel belongs to Japanese artist Tatzu Nishi who has been making out-of-place out-of-sclae experiences with public spaces throughout the world. He's done similar "exhibits" in England and Australia if I am not mistaken. 

Below is that ice cream sandwich that I always have. Yep, am a creature of habit. Sweet Corn Ice Cream wafer.  

That's me trying to hide behind the sculpture in front of the Paragon mall along Orchard Road. Am too fat to hide. Hahaha.

Okay, chicken rice or chicken biryani? Choices. The chicken rice costs SD $6.30 while the chicken biryani fetches SD $6.

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