Thursday, June 22, 2017

Got back and opening a sealed copy of Sampaguita's debut album

As a grade school and high school kid, I got into OPM. Yet since I couldn't afford to buy records, I had to save up on my allowance, do some extra work by doing my classmates' homework, collecting the deposit of soda bottles just to buy what I wanted (comic books, toys, and vinyl records). 

The first local album that I got was the Juan dela Cruz Band's "Kahit Anong Mangyari" after which I picked up Mike Hanopol's "Awiting Pilipino", "Gapo Vol.1", "The Dawn Live", Maria Cafra's self-titled debut, Identity Crisis' "Tale of Two", and Sampaguita's debut record. 

I lost many of these records to time and moving around. When I started re-acquiring vinyl this year, getting back these records was on my list. I haven't been able to get Identity Crisis' "Tale of Two" but last Thursday, June 22, I was able to get Sampaguita's album! Plus, it was sealed!!!! What a treat!

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