Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Music Playlist for Tuesday May 6

Playing this split 7-inch record from Thought from Cebu and Pushed Aside from Malaybalay City. Both bands are female-fronted and they pack quite a punch.

Also have this limited series cassette from That Epic Reggae Set (no, they do not play reggae but indie rock). I love their music. Listening to their album, I got the same feeling as I did with Versus.

I used to listen and tape Casey Kasem's American Top 40 countdown on DWRT during my grade school years. I recall one time - just as New Wave was exploding through the stratosphere and the airwaves -- a song title "New Romance" debuted at Top 38 on the charts. It was by this band called "Spider". The next week, they fell off the Top 40. For years I'd look for the record or the compact disc but never found it until lately and in a used record bin. Spider most prominently featured Holly Knight (the pretty lady on the left) who became a popular songwriter and Anton Fig who became more known as the drummer for David Letterman's show band. Playing "New Romance" brought a smile to my face. I sat down, had some ice cream, and patted my dog who sat right next to me licking the ice cream on my fingers.

Holly Knight wrote songs for Pat Benatar (Love is A Battlefield and Invincible), Animotion (Obsession), Heart (Never), Patty Smyth and Scandal (The Warrior), and a whole lot of other songs sang by Tina Turner, Rod Stewart, and Ozzy Osbourne!

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