Sunday, June 4, 2017

My personal X-Files -- the hunt for Los Angeles punk band, X!

I was in Grade 6 when the foreign music magazines trumpeted the Los Angeles punk rock scene. One band, the mysteriously named "X" caught my attention. For one, their songs weren't the angry sort associated with the genre. There was a poetic bent to them because of their lead singer Exene Cervenka who was into poetry and whose style of dressing up influenced a young Madonna. And their albums were produced by Ray Manzarek, the keyboardist of the Doors. How much more motivation did I need to pick up their debut album titled, "Los Angeles"? Problem was it was on an indie label called Slash and it the pre-Amazon years, this was impossible to get. I was already working when I was able to get a copy but this one had the Warner Bros. stamp next to Slash as they became distributors. Lost them all to the fire of over three years ago. Was able to get the re-issues (they have a sticker on the cover and are authorized by the band). Even better, I was able to get the original Slash label sans WB (the ones with no sticker on the cover). Not bad at all. I also have all the CD versions that I got when I used to work at Virgin Records in Times Square.

Getting a new but old copy of Wild Gift. Now, all I need is Under the Big Black Sun.
My compact discs.

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