Saturday, June 3, 2017

My growing Filipino punk rock vinyl collection

At one point in my then younger days, I had all the cassettes of these titles above. I played them to the point that they stopped playing either mangled from the cassette player or well, the wheel just gave in. I held on to them because they still meant something. I lost all of them though to the fire that hit our home in 2014. So I am glad they were released on vinyl. I don't care if the sound is terrible given the source tape. It's punk rock for punk's sake! It's not supposed to sound as clean as a Dream Theater album.

As you can see, my local punk rock collection is growing. I don't feature the cassettes and compact discs. Only those on vinyl.

Since I was a kid when I got my first punk rock record (The Best of Punk and New Wave Rock Vol.1), I have loved the genre. And perhaps the DIY and indie nature has really appealed to me which explains why they are the most cherished in my music collection.

The albums released in the new millennium although technically, the Bad Omen album came out in 1994. 

My small collection of Pinoy punk 7-inch records. The first one I bought was from the Ex-Senadors. You can say that helped open the floodgates for locally produced product.

Was able to get the second 7-inch release of this Fil-American band from Virginia Beach! Released in the United States through Tension Head Records with all the songs sung in Filipino! Bad ass! I am looking for their first release titled, "Parusa."

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