Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Finding Indio I's demonstration cassette

Years ago, I saw Indio I play a show in Ateneo and I wanted to sign them (after losing Tropical Depression to Viva Records) immediately. Former Blue Eagle Vince Hizon introduced me to Indio I lead singer Vic Facultad who in turn gave me this "demanstreshan tape" that featured three songs: "Di Mo Lang Alam", "S on My Chest", and "Mikee Mikee". I thought these three songs were damn good and I could finally get that reggae band that  I wanted for our record label. 
Unfortunately, Vic went on vacation in the US (he wanted to go with Universal and me at least I think so) and someone rushed the contract signing with Sony. Imagine my disappointment. 
Yet all these years, I kept this demo and many others. But when a fire hit my home years ago, I thought I had lost every thing. I was pleasantly surprised the other night while looking for one of my Jack Kerouac books, I found this along with other stuff. Am not sure if it plays but just to have the physical copy is cool. 
Now if I can find my Eraserheads Pop U demo, I'll be a happy happy man. 
But finding this Indio I demo makes me a happy man too!
This put a S on my lips.

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