Friday, December 3, 2010

As a media officer for the national football team to the 2010 Suzuki Cup in Hanoi, Vietnam

Am currently in Vietnam covering the 2010 Suzuki Cup Final Rounds (Group B -- Vietnam, Singapore, Myanmar, and the Philippines). We're here in Hanoi for nine days (Dec.1-9) and I'm ecstatic about being here as the media officer for the National Team (my new assignment). It's my first time here and I wish I could really go out and explore. But you need an interpreter to go with you and someone who knows the area or else because of the language barrier, you could get lost. But it seems beautiful and maybe tomorrow morning, I'll do a little exploration. In the pic above, am wearing the photographer's bib that allows me to shoot pics from behind the A-boards and the goals. We can't move around during the game and can only switch during the half. As Media Officer, I have an all-access pass throughout the grounds including the locker rooms. Cool ain't it? But when I'm at the Sheraton Hotel, I constantly prep stories to send back to media friends back home.
After the 1-1 draw with Singapore, I got interviewed by Vietnam News TV about the match, Vietnam, the frenzied atmosphere in the stadium and our upcoming match vs Vietnam. I was quite surprised when I was asked. I was up in the fourth floor media center watching the Vietnam-Myanmar match when I was approached. Why not, eh? Sure is fun.

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