Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Nam Dinh, Vietnam

We left Hanoi past 8am and arrived in this rustic provincial city southeast of Vietnam's capital. This is a rural area out here. Rice paddies and all. What I noticed right away here in this country is how patriotic people are. I see a lot of houses and buildings with the flag of Vietnam hanging from a pole or a window. What pride! While at Saigon, I got to see some of those Russian Hind helicopter gunships and those weapons of destruction look so different when you're in front of one instead of watching them on television or in a movie. In Hanoi and on the way to Nam Dinh, we passed by T-72 battle tanks and a mothballed Mig. I've been wanting to buy those war helmets the Vietnamese Army uses but I wonder what I'd do with them back in Manila.

Sorry. Military buff here.

Nam Dinh is closer to China and from December to February, it's winter weather. Mercifully, I brought my jacket with me coz no way am I going to survive the cold without one. Winter after all, is setting in. And luckily, I've got my Yankees beanie too.

This city was the birthplace of Trang Durng Dao who twice defeated the barbarian hordes of Mongolian conqueror Kublai Khan. He is Vietnam's first national hero (if I remember that correctly). 

Walked around the city streets and if you're looking for restaurants maybe not in this part of town (we're at the Vihoang Hotel along Nguyen Du Street). It's got lots of coffee shops though. Interesting. I stopped counting at 15.

Here's what I ordered -- black coffee with condensed milk. If you want to dilute its strength, add some water or ice (for an iced coffee version).

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