Friday, December 24, 2010

Overheard at the Greenhills tiangge 12/24

I thought that the Christmas season is a time to be jolly. As I went to the Greenhills tiangge to buy stuff, I came across these Holiday scrooges and whiners:

Woman to husband: Wala bang mura dito?

They should have locked up this guy in a bank
Guy to his girlfriend: We should have never come to this place! Now I have no more money!

Take advantage why don't you?
Tourist to tindera: No. No. No. (it seems that the saleslady marked up the price for him). You're selling it to me at PhP800 but your sign says PhP300! You think I can't read?

One saucy biatch Fil-Am:
Girl: All they have are fakes! 

When these gangster-types come up to me and say, "DVD. DVD." I reply, "Gusto mo bumili?" Snicker . Snicker.

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