Monday, December 6, 2010

Free day @ Hanoi's Latin Quarter

Free day today. Except of course for the media officer who still had to file his story. There was a press conference at 10am for the upcoming RP-Myanmar match. Then after lunch we all went shopping in the Latin Quarter. Wish I went to the tomb of Ho Chi Minh. We passed by but did not go down. I've always been a history buff and if there was time, money, and an interpreter, I'd go visit those famous battlegrounds like Dien Bien Phu.

I wanted to try this bit of food but I was afraid I'd get left behind by our tour bus. So I snapped a pic of it instead. Lotsa people trying this out. Tourists even.

Just had to take these pictures. Was using my digital camera. Wish I had a better one.

No bargaining? Hahaha. I was able to haggle VD 75,000 off one bag. Am kinda good at that.

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