Saturday, December 18, 2010

An unexpected reunion and rootbeer floats saving our soul

This is Lola (yes, she jokes everyone all the time that she's a grandma owing to here name). She was our liaison officer when I was with Smart Gilas Pilipinas in our FIBA Asia Challenge Cup stint in Jakarta two years ago. When the Azkals paid a visit to Balay Pinoy, the guest house of the Philippine Consulate in Jakarta, we were surprised to see each other there (she works there and now hopes to take up her masteral studies in either Ateneo or UP). Nice reunion! And to the Embassy people, thanks for the Mongolian food. It was a nice change of food for us all.

After our Balay Pinoy lunch, the whole team went to Mangga Dua for some crappy shopping. So me and old bud Mark Zambrano went to have this noodle type thing they call Mie Ayam (see the menu below). It was real good. There were lots of people eating at the store so we figured out we'd try it too. Then we washed the whole thing down with an A&W Rootbeer Float! Rootbeer floats rule! Mark and I used to work together at Solar Sports where we became good friends (aside from the fact that we both went to the same school) and it sure was nice to catch up and have fun! You know what song was running through my mind as we were having that rootbeer float? The Pixies' "Monkey Go to Heaven." Love that song!

Now take a gander at this vehicle which is their version of a tricycle. No way am I or Mark Zambrano or any of the Azkals' taller players going to fit in this. If we do, it's gonna be murder on our knees! Still it was amusing though.

Traffic was horrible. Took us an hour and a half to get back to our hotel. 

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