Thursday, April 13, 2017

A suggestion for Brownman Revival

With Brownman Revival all set to record a new album – their third after two albums and three Eps – all I can say is, it’s about time.

During Brownman Revival’s last gig at 70’s Bistro last April 6, I got to sit down with the band’s manager, Jotay and share some thoughts.

I’ve been watching this band since their school days at the Ateneo and I think I have seen them perform about 50 times over the past 23 years. I’ve seen them through numerous personnel changes and album launches.

Anyways, I suggested that before they record a new album, maybe it’s time to put out a greatest hits album to put a close to the Dino Concepcion era. A lot of the early albums are out of print and this is a good way for new fans to pick up the music. And that would set up the new release.

He agreed it was a good idea. There’s the concern of getting the band’s old catalogue. That’s a topic for another day…

In the meantime, what if they released a double album… something titled along the lines of “Noon.. at Ngayon” So the greatest hits on one CD and the new stuff on the other CD? Makes sense, doesn’t it?

My fave Brownman tracks? Not in order but here they are…

Paikot-ikot Lang
Yakap Sa Dilim
Mabuting Balita
Ikaw Forever
Dahan Dahan
Under the Reggae Moon

There you go. Ten tracks.

As for the new “band” with singer Benjah Perez, I think he’s a worthy successor to Dino. He’s got soul (more than the Afro).

My Brownman Revival CDs.

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