Friday, April 14, 2017

CD samplers, pirated stuff & rare ones too!

CD samplers are promotional copies for shops. In many ways, they're like nifty compilation packages as they usually contain singles. These are two from Universal Records during the early 1990s that contained music from alternative bands like Lush, the Breeders, Frank Black (of the Pixies)

And there were samplers that were given away when you purchased certain indie titles. A BAG FULL OF GOODIES featured twee pop bands like Club 8 , the Shermans, and Acid House Kings among others. I have two copies of this. So the extra copy is up for swap. Make me an offer. No it is not for sale. 

When you go to record stores in the US, there are these samplers that they give away. This one contains early My Chemical Romance. I got this during the Vans Warped Tour.

These are the only pirated CDs that I ever bought. I did get them for their packaging as pirates upped their game. But I never uploaded the music to my players and never bought again.

More samplers. Siesta was put together by Toti Dalmacion for Galaxy Records and also capitalised on the popularity of Twee during the late 1990s.

The latter two are from my time in the United States. The bottom left CD is the Beggars Banquet sampler that includes acts like Blonde redhead, Mojave 3, and Rachel Goswell (of Slowdive) to name a few. The bottom right CD is one of those we used to give out at Virgin Records where I worked for a bit. 

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