Saturday, April 8, 2017

My Sugar Hiccup albums

Top: Oracle and Womb with the lineup of Melody del Mundo (vocals and guitar), Czandro Pollack (vocals and guitar), Rusesel Dacasin (bass), and Mervin Panganiban (drums).

Below: The 2-in-1 series that was a compilation of Oracle and Womb followed by Of Tongues and Thoughts. The third album featured Beatrix Alcala on vocals and guitar to go with Czandro, Russel, and Mervin.

Top: The Numeric Sampler 502 featured the first recordings of Sugar Hiccup with "Barn" and "Trust". This preceded Oracle. Both songs were later featured on Of Tongues and Thoughts that were re-worked with Bea singing. To the right is the 1896 compilation with Sugar Hiccup performing "Siesyatnebonsotneicostolim" -- read that backwards.

Below: The NU Rock Awards special CDs. All the sons are from the live performances. The 1997 disc featured "Moden De" while the 1998 saw the band perform "Siesyatnebonsotneicostolim".

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