Wednesday, April 12, 2017

My OPM reggae and ska albums

Top: Indio I's only album. Brownman Revival's New Arrival, Eto Pa!, and Ayos Din.
Middle: Tropical Depression's magnificent Kapayapaan (I lost their second album to a flood), Coolliedread and the Microphone Commanders, and Brownman Revival's Coming Soon and Stady Lang.
Bottom: The Island Riddims compilation that featured bands from all over the Philippines, Milagros Dancehall Collective that featured the original members of Brownman Revival, Coffeebreak Island's debut album, and Herb Culture's debut EP.
Not included here is Hemp Republic's album.

My ska albums!
Top: The Sunflower Day Camp and Skabeche's Table for Ten
Middle: The Brownbeat All-Star's 2 Week Panic EP and the self-titled debut album.
Put3ska's self-titled debut and the follow up -- Manila's Finest.
Not included here are the Oemons which I also have.

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