Friday, April 14, 2017

Found my very first mix "CD"

I found it! This was the first mix CD that I did and this was back in the mid-90s. I was moving to HK and I couldn't bring my LPs or CDs with me. So I made some CDs with my fave tracks. This was the first.... and all my fave New Wave tracks from my high school and college days. Not only did I find the disc but also the inlay card where I wrote down the names of the songs and their artists!

Real happy I found this again.

I fell in love with the Sundays. I guess, Harriett Wheeler's voice was an undeniable attraction especially to their music. April Showers had that elusive and one great song (that came out on a 45rpm 7" inch record. There are the Liverpool-based bands -- and there a lot of them here -- the Care, the Lotus Eaters, the Wild Swans, Icicle Works, and OMD. X-Mal Deutschland I was a fan of since their debut, Fetisch. I was able to get that record and it was entirely in German and Goth punk. Loved it nevertheless. Book of Love out of Philadelphia was cool. What song! The Blue Nile I have always enjoyed. Modern English. Most people would place "Melt With You" but for me, I loved their albums Rainbow's End and Stop Start albums that came after. There was a lot of Joy Division in them. The church, out of Australia, had some great songs. I wanted to add "Under the Milky Way" but placed "Unguarded Moment" first. The song by the Care was live. While for the lotus Eaters' "The First Picture of You" it was the extended version.

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