Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Checking out White Noise Records in Mongkok, HK!

Checked out White Noise Records in Mongkok. I'd say this is their version of the Philippines' This is Pop Records (owned by Toti Dalmacion). This record shop you have to look for if you are into indie-underground and foreign music. White Noise Records used to be located in Causeway Bay and now it's in Mong Kok.

White Noise Records is for the discriminating music fan. You won't find mainstream releases here. Some classic rock, yes. The Velvet Underground, some old and obscure David Bowie. But you certainly won't see Coldplay or anything of that sort here.

They carry Post-rock instrumental bands and if you only know Explosions in the Sky shame on you because there's more. Ditto with their rack of shoegazer music. They have a lot of stuff outside the more known ones like My Bloody Valentine, Swervedriver, Slowdive... in fact, I picked up French blackgazer band, Alcest. Blackgazer because they mix metal riffs with the atmospheric shoegaze style. 

They've got a lot of low-fi bands, underground hip hop and free jazz! Japanese underground bands and of course, Hong Kong indie bands like Fantastic Day.

Shop owner Gary Leong says that the music found within are all his personal tastes; hence, the reflection of the titles in the bins. As for the cat motif... Gary loves his cats! The cat in the picture below is named "Jer"! And his female counterpart is named, "Mei"!  According to Gary, Damon doesn't want to be carried anymore and if he is carried, he scratches his master! What a cat!

Hello, Jer!
Picked up a couple of vinyl records -- My Bloody Valentine's 2013 release "MBV" and French darkgazer band, Alcest and their debut album "Souvenirs d'un Autre Monde"! Also picked up their latest album, "Kodama".

Spent some time in the shop talking music with Gary! Wish I could spend more time too. Nothing like talking with a fellow audiophile.

When I went there last Tuesday, I was the first one to arrive. Soon after, four other people arrived one after the other picking out vinyl and a few CDs! Oh, they were foreigners!

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