Monday, July 24, 2017

I managed to score a copy of Jose Mari's Electromaniacs' "Lover's Guitar"

After watching the Philippine Classic Rock Instrumental Night a few weeks ago at the Music Hub along Timog Avenue in Quezon City, I have been searching for this classic album by the Electromaniacs. Now their one and only album, "Lover's Guitar" was released in 1962 so I do not imagine there are a lot of these going around. 

My father once had this but I have no idea if this was lost to the fire that destroyed our homes four years ago or through time. Nevertheless, it was on my to-find list.

And luckily, I found this at Kagatan 24 held last Sunday, July 23 at Cubao X. The jacket isn't in great condition but the vinyl is! It plays like a charm too. I guess that was the more important one. This is a happy find for my collection. Especially my Original Pilipino Music collection.

Regarding my OPM collection, I am mostly after the records I had as a kid. If I manage to acquire a few others along the way then it's great but it is not a priority as they are expensive in the back bin market.

But this Electromaniacs album was dirt cheap! Happy find.

The title track, "Lover's Guitar" was written by Eileen Davies and first recorded by Billy Mure in August of 1959. Four of the 12 tracks are re-makes while the rest are all originals. And the latter, are pretty good too!

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