Friday, July 21, 2017

In a shoegazer mood -- Slowdive, Ride, MBV, Lush & Alcest

Now have all the new albums from those 1990s shoegazer bands -- My Bloody Valentine's "mbv" from 2013, Lush's EP "Blind Spot" that was released in 2016, and Slowdive's self-titled and Ride's "Weather Diaries" that came out this year.

Back during that decade, I collected Lush (had a massive crush on Miki Berenyi) and was able to get My Bloody Valentine's debut album -- all on CD. I couldn't get the Slowdive albums right away. Ditto with Ride. I guess that whetted my appetite for the music and these bands.

Fortunate to pick up these two albums that I have been looking for for a while. French blackgazer band, Alcest with their debut, "Souvenir d'un autre monde" (Memories from another World) and "Kodama" (which is Japanese for "tree spirit"). The latter is their latest release that came out in October of 2016.

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