Monday, July 31, 2017

Weekend underground haul

It was quite a haul for the underground releases this weekend! lots of stuff to listen to.

Releases from Thresthold Records. All Filipino punk and crustcore bands.
Cassettes I got from Emman of Delusion of Terror Records! Gangrene, Rogernomix (from New Zealand), and EyesofFire.
Save for Repugnant and Gangrene (top left and right), all the others are foreign bands. The top two middle ones are Japanese. The lower left is Japanese band Cheerio (with that raunchy cover). The lower middle is Filipino although Vivere Merda is an Italian hardcore outfit with a Fil-Italian lead guitarist. Maticrust is a Filipino grindcore band out of U.A.E. featuring an Arab drummer. Speedill is an Indonesian band.

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