Friday, July 14, 2017

Rare Korean release of Freddie Aguilar's "Anak"

The Korean release of Freddie Aguilar's anak. This Filipino musician begged this Korean to sell him his copy of this record (that includes an English recording of Anak). The Korean reluctantly sold it. Now this musician who works (performs) in Korea sold this to me more so when he found out my dad's history with this record.
My dad who was president of the local music/record association for close to three decades was visited by a Japanese national who heard the song while riding a taxi in Manila back in the 80s. He discussed a distribution and licensing deal for Japan (and later Asia and Europe). Then my dad and Freddie flew to Japan for his first international show and where he too won a composition contest. 
There's more to the story that shouldn't be said here but I'll talk to Freddie one of these days and find out if her ever got what he was supposed to get. 
One of the cool things too was seeing Freddie and countless other musicians and showbiz types at home where they visited my dad or talked music and careers. Freddie once gave my dad one of his trophies for this song. Looking for it. Not sure if it survived the fire. But at least my dad has this record back.

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