Monday, July 31, 2017

Published my first music zine!

Published my first music zine! This will be a regular production for me and in very low print runs. How low or small? Well, the first issue will only have 50 copies and not more. This premier issue features my stories on Cooky Chua,Joey "Pepe" Smith, the Skalawags, Bing Austria and the Flippin' Soul Stompers, the late DZRJ jock Howling Dave, Sepultura, Narcloudia, Sugar Hiccup, Kate Torralba, Gwen CaƱete of Singapore thrash metal band Tormentress, Dreaded Mortuary, Identity Crisis, Slapshock, the amazing Filipino punk DIY culture, Kaimito, the Late Isabel, and indie albums I recommend! All in 16 pages!

Not sure about the frequency but it will go on as I can do this. Where will this be available? Am placing a few at Middle Finger at Cartimar, the Grey Market in White Plains, and NEC in Quezon City.

The next one will feature more underground bands. 

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