Friday, July 7, 2017

Playing Asia's debut album (from 1982)

Playing Asia's debut album. I wasn't into prog rock so much around this time. i liked Rush but that was it. I was iffy with Yes though I loved "Tempus Fugit" from 1980s "Drama". When. First heard "Heat of the Moment" that hit the US Top 40, I became a fan of Asia. I back tracked to all the members' individual bands -- King Crimson, Yes, Buggles. 
But I became a fan of the band to this day. I have all their albums (either the original line-up or the John Payne fronted band). This album is something I play to this day. I even remember that the entire album was used as a soundtrack for this Japanese animation film, World War X! 
Anyways, I never got a chance to watch them. More so now that lead singer and bassist John Wetton has passed away.

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